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Band Of The Royal Marines
Leitung: F. Vivian Dunn

Schallplatte 1964 "300 Glorious Years" auf CD

Fanfare "The Royal Tournament" - A Life On The Ocean Wave - Spanish March /
Lilliburlero - The British Grenadiers / The Dushing White Serjeant / A Southerly
Wind And A Cloudy Sky / Braganza - Soldiers Chorus From "Faust" - Marching
Thro´ Georgia - The Globe And Laurel - Under The Banner Of Victory - Sarie
Marais - The Admirals Regiment - The Preobrajensky March - Silver Bugles -
Glorious Victory - Barcelona - Cavalry Of The Clouds - Salute To The Colors /
I Vow To Thee My Country / Orb And Sceptre

Leitung: Sir Vivian Dunn

Schallplatte 1969 "Marching with the Marines" auf CD

A Life On The Ocean Wave - Anchors Awweigh - Army Of The Nile - March From Suite Nr. 2 (Holst) - March From Little Suite (Arnold) - Under The White Ensign - Manhattan Beach - Semper Fidelis - H. M. Jollies - Cockleshell Heroes - The Champion - Blue Devil - The Pride Of The Wolverines

Band of the Royal Marines
Leitung: J. M. Ware

Schallplatte 1983 auf CD


San Carlos - Drake 400 Suite - Fanfare and Melody - Sailing - Commando General  - Warship - The Shadow of Your Smile - Canberra - The Battle of Trafalgar

Band of the Royal Marines
Leitung: Paul Neville

Schallplatte 1975 auf CD


Sutherlands Law Theme - The Guns of Navarone - Popcorn - Fandango -
Mission Impossible - The Swing March - Trumpets Sound - Galloping Home -
Ouvertüre 1812 - Train Ride - Troika

Band of the Royal Marines
Leitung: J. R. Mason

Schallplatte 1975 "On land, sea and air" auf CD

MÄRSCHE: The Captain General - Vimy Ridge - The Royal Marine - Trafalgar -
The Nelson Touch - Army and Marine - Liberty Bell - Heart of Oak -
The Seven Seas - Flying Review - King o´ the Clouds - Flying Stations -
Ad Astra - Warship Theme - The Dam Busters March - A Life on the Ocean Wave

Band of the Royal Marines & Band of the Black Watch
Leitung: W. W. Shillitto und N. Rogerson

Schallplatte 1976 "The British Are Coming" auf CD

The Stars And Stripes - A Gilbert And Sullivan Souffle - Morag Of Dunvegan -
Medley - Largo - Radetzky March - Sunset - Lone Piper - God Bless America -
Bridge Over The River Kwai - All The Blue Bonnets Are Over The Border -
Sambre et Meuse - Medley - Al Life Of The Ocean Wave - Medley -
Edinburgh Castle - Britannic Suite

Band of the Royal Marines
Leitung: Paul Neville

Schallplatte 1977 "Victory at sea" auf CD

Shrewsbury Fair - Victory at sea - The shadow of your smile -
Carolina clambake - March of the toys - Ironside Theme / Kojak Theme -
Macrh of the cobblers - The magic of Michel Legrand - Police woman -
On the track - Slaughter in tenth avenue

Band of the Royal Marines
Leitung: Vivian Dunn und Paul Neville

Schallplatte 1977 "The very best 1959 - 1977" auf CD

Colonel Bogey - The Standard of St. George - The great little army - El Abanico - National enblem - Anchors aweigh - Semper Fidelis - Cockleshell Heroes - Espana - A life on the ocean wave - Warship - On the square - This guy ´s in love with you - Sutherland´s law theme - The shadow of your smile - Troika - Eye level - What the world needs now is love - On the track - When the saints go marching in

Band of the Royal Marines
Leitung: Paul Neville

Schallplatte 1978 "A Concert Programme" auf CD

A bridge too far - Recuerdos de la Alhambra - The piper in the meadow - Evening breeze - The penny whistle song - Concerto for band - The adventurer - Symphonic Scenario: My fair lady - Star Wars Suite

Band of The Royal Marines & The Morriston Orpheus Choir
Leitung: James R. Mason und Alwyn Humphreys

Schallplatte 1980 "Say It With Music" auf CD

Say It With Irving Berlin - My Prayer - Barber Shop Ballads - Songs Of The Sea -
She Was Beautiful - Broadway Show Stoppers - Musical Comedy Gems

Band of the Royal Marines
Leitung: Paul Neville und F. Vivian Dunn

Schallplatte 1989 auf CD (Aufnahmen 1963, 1969, 1975, 1977)

Ouvertüre 1812 - Troika - Slaughter on tenth avenue - Alla Marcia -
Einzug der Gäste - Jupiter - Crown Imperial

Leitung: W. W. Shillitto

Schallplatte 1977 "Marines On The March" auf CD

The Florentiner - Berliner Luft - Washington Grays - The Thin Red Line - Under The Double Eagle - Glorious Victory - Mess Beatings - Coburg - El Capitan - Viscount Nelson - Steadfast And True - Marche Lorraine

Leitung: Vivian Dunn

Schallplatte 1950er Jahre auf CD

A Life On The Ocean Wave - The Globe And Laurel - The Captain General - The Sailors Holiday - Three Jolly Sailormen - March Nr. 3 From Suite Nr. 1 (Holst) - Under The White Ensign - Cannatex - Waltzing Matilda - The Huntsmen - With Sword And Lance - Washington Post - Semper Fidelis - Blaze Away - Army Of The Nile


Leitung: J. R. Mason

Schallplatte 1982 "The Best Of The Royal Marines" auf CD

Famous British Marches - On The Quarter Deck - Sarie Marais - The Hunt - The Red Cloak - Cockleshell Heroes - Colonel Bogey - By Land And Sea - The Standard Of St. George - Sparks - Glorious Victory - Marching With Sousa